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Monday, 9 January 2012

How to Make a Fabric Flower Peony

What you'll need:

Circle Card Template
Needle & Thread
Bamboo Skewer (if you're making your flower for a vase)
Use your template & cut 14 circles from your fabric.

The bigger your circles - the bigger your finished flower =)

Then, cut 2 smaller fabric circles for your flower base.

Coat the wrong side of One of the smaller fabric circles in glue,
then place the pointy end of your skewer into the middle..
then take the other smaller circle & sandwich the skewer between them.

Leave to dry for a bit =)

Each side of your flower needs 7 circles.

Each circle will become a petal =)
Take your first circle and fold in half (right side out)
Then fold in half again & secure the tip with a few small stitches

Make a second petal with just one circle, like above..
Next, make another 2 petals,
but this time stitch them together to make it look fuller =)

You should have 2 'single' petals
& 1 'double' now
Make your last 3 petals & stitch them together too =)

Make sure you have:

2 x single petals
1 x double petal
1 x triple petal
Take your skewer - coat one side in glue & arrange petals.

The single petals should be opposite each other,

as should the 2 fuller ones =)

When the glue dries you can fluff up the petals a little,

then it should look like this..
Soo pretty!
Just repeat those steps on the other side (with the remaining 7 circles) & you're done!

Once you get the hang of it, you'll find you can make them quite quickly =)

If you loved this one - try these fabric flower tutorials too!

Happy making & thank you so much for visiting =)

Chloe x

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  1. Beautiful ~~~ Like it!
    Thanks for sharing!!!


    1. Hey Vanessa (^_^) thank you so much! you're very welcome =D x


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