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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How to Make a Refillable Pocket Notebook

What you'll need:

3.5 x 6 inch double sided pretty card
Large Sewing Needle
Awl or nail (something to punch a small hole with)
Thin twine or embroidery thread
4 pieces of A4 plain paper
lay your paper landscape ways & cut about a centimeter off the top.

This only applies if you're using 3.5 x 6 cardstock like me =)

Taking a little from the top means the pages will fit in just right when folded.

Next, fold your paper in half (widthways) & cut in two, like above.

Take those 2 pieces, fold in half & cut.

Now you should have 4 equal pieces.

Take each piece & fold again, but this time, don't cut them =)

these will be your notebook pages!

repeat the above steps on remaining sheets of paper.

Untill you get something like this =)

Nestle each page inside another.

This is called a signature.

Your finished notebook will have One signature =)
Put your signature to one side,
then fold your card in half.

This will be your notebook cover =)

Then nestle your signature neatly inside the cover

Next, take your awl (or something thin and sharp)

open the notebook to its middle

& punch 2 holes in the crease

each hole about half way between the middle & the papers edge, like above =)

Then thread your needle with your twine

then starting from the outside,

push your needle through one of the holes you made

continue to pull your twine through, but not all the way!

instead, push your needle through the second hole

(from the inside to the outside)
adjust the length of your twine ties so they're equal

..and tie in a bow =)
You're finished! (^_^)

When it's full, undo the bow & release the pages.

make a new signature - punch new holes ( using the cover as a guide)

re-thread the ties & a'voila!

Refillable notebook =)

Hope you had fun & learned something new!

Chloe x

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  1. What a perfect addition to our upcoming class called "Office in a Spam Can"! Mahalo for the easily crafted notebook.

    1. That class sounds awesome! Really glad you like it =) thank you so much for stopping by! x


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